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Why Choose Clipp Out Line?

We perceive the challenges you face to optimize your sales method. Wether you’re an online sellers and distributors, agency, photographer or manufacturer, you deal in prints, or advertising is your business, you would like to gift your merchandise in a very skilled thanks to stand get into the group and increase conversion. Images, pictures, photos, that’s our business.


What we do at CLIPPOUTLINE is very simple, cost-efficient and creates huge added value to your daily business. Let me explain first what we do exactly, and explain later who our customers are. We area unit specialised in complete “product image editing”, that essentially implies that we tend to professionalize any image for your business. Think about the subsequent options:

Background Removal or Image Cut Out, Invisible Maneequin or Ghost Mannequin, Retouching, Color Correction, Wrinkle Remove, Shadow and Reflection, Watermark, Alignment & Cropping, Image Reconstruction, eCommerce Optimization, Photoshop Mask, Channel & Alpha Masking, Vector etc.

So this is what we do, but who are our customers?


We believe that photographers should be taking pictures all day, because this is their specialty and this is where their heart is. That is why most photographers outsource their photos at our platform, and also the footage are being enhanced overnight. Within 24 hours the images are done and he can keep taking pictures, for his very happy customers. Ultimate win-win situation i would say.


Are you planning to start an online store, or do you already have one, you are in need of perfect and professional product-images to be able to sell more. In eCommerce it is all about trust. As the customer has no direct face to face contact with the seller, your online store is all you have to build trust with your visitors. A lot of money is put in templates, web hosting, web-design, stock photo and stock video but if your product pictures look like they were shot on the kitchen table, you give the customer the idea that you run your business from your kitchen. So do you have an online store, please feel free to try the first three pictures for free.


If you produce your own product, we can help you in creating the best images of your products, ready to use all over the world! We work for multinationals and are able to provide you this for the best price in the market. Anything is possible and we are ready to talk to you about your wishes.

Try it without


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