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How we make you satisfied

Price should be efficient depending on complexity level.

Less than 1000 images per Month

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More than 1000 images per Month

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Yes, we always offer to our new customers a “Free Trial Job” before start business with us. Simply go to our Free Trial page and fill up all of us requirements with details.

Here we are using many ways to send & receiving images. You can use which one you prefer.

FTP: If you are familiar with FTP, just request an FTP account and we will create it within 10 minutes. If you want you can use also your own FTP server.

Dropbox or Wetransfer: Dropbox and Wetransfer are very easy and popular methods. You can try any one of these.

Email: You can also use the email option for sending images if it’s only a few and within your email attachment allowance limit (usually 20MB).

Official Email: info@clippoutline.com

Turnaround time depends on your Image Complexity Level, Quantity and Your Requirements. We’ll let you know your TAT along with your quotation once we receive your images. Normally, we always try to provide completed orders within 24 hours.

Rush Delivery Support
(Price will be applied extra)
• 4,000 images per day
• 2,200 images in 12 hours
• 900 images in 4 hours
• 200 images in an hour

Once your job is done, we’ll send you an invoice with details. We accept payment through PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Bank Transfer etc.

We work with your images very carefully with highly skilled designers and we don’t expect any problem. Because we have QC (Quality Controller) in each shift. However if unfortunately it happens, just contact us and we will fix it again seriously as soon as possible. Obviously, A Redo job will be absolutely FREE without any adding extra requirements!!