Clipping Path Service at the lowest cost we provide. Clipping path is usually drawing way with Photoshop pen tool to cut out an image from its background using a closed vector path or shape. The shape separates the transparent portion of an image from the part, which is not transparent. It means that this is the way that’s used to remove and edit the background of an image. Besides, it not only uses to background drop out but for color correction purposes as well. Moreover, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted when the clipping path is applied to an image. In addition to these, it’s one kind of creativity, which is used to show the thoughts of the graphics designers and professionals.

Meanwhile, in the past few years, the use of clipping paths in the photo industry has increased dramatically. Because Photoshop clipping path is the ever best method in terms of quality, it’s the result of cutting out an image from the background. As a result, it’s a current trend to use clipping paths almost everywhere, such as companies, offices, websites, and freelance editors etc. Our production capability for this sort of picture is over 1500 units per day. Remember, only professional hands will handle plant photos properly guaranteeing delicate background removal service.
As most publishing software trims away everything outside the clipping path, it’s very useful for graphic designers. This is because it comes in handy for them since they can drop the photos of your products against another image or background without having to deal with the white background. Apart from these, it allows text to wrap right against the actual product, which is against the border of your rectangular photo. Clipping path is much more essential for you if you’re planning to have some printing materials. These include your product photos printed in a magazine, catalog or brochure etc. In addition, for a different product, or different color within a single image, a compound path results from the combination of multiple paths in the photo industry.

Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service

How to Create Clipping Path?

If you need a high-quality Photoshop clipping path then there is no quick and easy way to achieve a good cutout. It’s the only way to do it properly by your own hand. And the more you use the Pen Tool in Photoshop, the quicker and more proficient you'll become while creating clipping paths. You’ll find a list of all its subsidiary tools when you’ll click and hold the “Pen Tool” in the Photoshop “Tools Palette”.

Here, you can use the-

  • “Pen Tool”
  • “+Add Anchor Point Tool”
  • “-Delete Anchor Point Tool”, and 
  • “Convert Point Tool”

Once you select them, you won't have to select them constantly from the Toolbar. And if you persevere then it'll become second nature. Also, while pressing the Alt key and clicking on an existing anchor point, you can experiment with the fantastic “Convert Point Tool”. In addition, a clipping path specialist draws all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool to ensure quality clipping path. He or she applies clipping path on it so that when you place it in your layout e.g. in “In Design” and it’ll show only the portion which was inside the path once drawing a path is completed to an image. As everything outside will be omitted, you can use whatever background color you want.

What are the Advantages of Clipping Path?

In the photo editing as well as the designing work, it’s easy to find that clipping path services are widely preferred these days. There are some advantages while using it, for example, it helps to enhance an image and provides great value. On the other hand, it’s widely beneficial to remove the background of an image. With the drop shadow effect, the photo attains a new dimension, which is vital for the photos to look natural. As shadow can be produced with the help of other functionalities, nothing appears as natural as the one produced by clipping path. This is the same for the mirror effect, which is also known as the reflection shadow. And clipping path is normally used to improve the mirror effect and induce it in photos so that there remains no more mirror effect.

Additionally, the clipping path is especially useful for creating catalogs, posters, magazines, brochures, and flyers to creating wonderful photographs. For the website images, it drastically alters the look of a website as the websites have images of several products and places. If you use clipping path then you’ll get the look of the images many times better than they actually are. Also, as a clipping path is a technology, it can be used across several industries. It’s hard to attain perfection without clipping path whether it’s desktop publishing or printing technology. And a specialist can deploy to make images look better for their clients who may range from advertising companies, government agencies, marketing or publishing houses as it’s one of the most successful techniques.


What are the Categories of Clipping Paths?

There are some specific categories of the clipping path. These include color clipping path, outline the clipping path and multi clipping path. Well, let’s know about the different types of clipping paths those are usually used while editing an image.

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