Background Removal Service

Photo Background Removal Service

Background removal service is a part of photo editing used to remove, isolate, and create transparent photo backgrounds. This task is perfect for placing your products in a solid color or making a white background to follow e-commerce standards.

Clip Out Line is the best provider that helps remove background from images and attract your products with the right size and position. We used advanced Photoshop techniques since 2010 as per your image complexity to deliver flawless editing.

Background Remove services

Highlight Imagery Ideas with Pro skills

Increase your sales engagement and present your brand image online market with our expert photo post-production team. From e-commerce photographers to graphic designers, our dedication to elevating your visuals exceeds expectations. Clip Out Line is developing all photo solutions from basic editing to high-end retouching needs.

Contact us today to transform your photos into the best visuals possible. With excellent customer support, we are available 24 hours in 3 shifts.

How to Change a Photo Background in Photoshop

Do you need to change the background of your product photo? Photoshop helps replace backgrounds or places your product wherever you imagine! Background changing in Photoshop involves several steps:

  1. Open the image that you want to edit in Photoshop.
  2. To do this faster you can use the ‘Quick Selection’ or ‘Refine Edge’ photo mask techniques. However, the results may be non-commercial for the complex bg.
  3. But for pixel-perfect results, you can crop images with the ‘Pen Tool’ using a service called Clipping Path. It creates a hand-drawn outline that isolates your product from the background.
  4. After creating the clipping path, change the background that you want.
  5. To maintain the transparent background, save it in ‘PNG’ image format.
  6. Finally, save your image in JPG or PSD format.

Our competitive price is the best suited for bulk orders

Why Choose Clipp Out Line?

Clipp Out Line’s professional team has been a well-known provider for its precision, speed, and high-quality work since 2010. We enhance photos for e-commerce websites, online catalog design, and digital marketing to create perfection.

Our photo retouching services help your products stand out, attract customers, and highlight your brand’s quality. With our competitive prices and fast turnaround times, we exceed your expectations. Opt for Clipp Out Line today for top-notch image editing services.

Different Types Of Background Removing Services

We categorize our Photoshop background removal service into the following categories.

Transparent Background Photoshop

Transparent Background Photoshop

Creating a transparent background is a great way to present your company’s brand identity. PNG, PSD, and TIFF formats are the most common file types to save transparent backgrounds. We are the most experienced to showcase your products best on any backdrop.

White Background Service

White Background Service

White background images increase the focus of your product, making it look clean and standard. By removing the photo studio background we provide high-quality images on a white background with a drop shadow. Our experts use various tools and techniques to create seamless image processing for your product images.

Photo Background Removal Service

Clipping path service for BG Remove

A clipping path is the best solution for removing backgrounds from complex images with intricate edges. It takes time, patience, and expertise to produce a pixel-perfect cutout with a handmade pen tool in Photoshop. We at Clipp Out Line provide low-cost best clipping path services that result in a professional look for your product images.

Product photo background removal

Product photo background removal

Our photo editing service is especially suited for e-commerce businesses, online sellers, and photographers to enhance product images. Our quick turnaround time ensures high-quality results that make your photos stand out. We help to make your product photos more clean realistic to customers and increase sales.

Model Photo Editing Service

Model Photo Editing Service

Besides offering product image editing, our model image cutout services are top-notch. We are a dedicated team for fashion photography and model agency. Make your model photography a perfect portrait with our expert background check removal services.

Photoshop hair masking

Hair Masking Service

Photoshop hair masking is an advanced technique for removing the BG from Hair, Fur, or Net images with all details. It helps to save time and costs a lot in photo post-production to produce bulk processes in less time. We help photographers and graphic designers to deliver their projects on time.

Background Replacement Service

Background Replacement Service

This alternative solution is a seamless way to create a transparent photo by cutting out the original background. We are highly capable of a large volume, especially for our car image background replacement services to process. Our team of experts can replace bg with your required solid colors or textures that increase image value.

Unwanted Object Remove From Background

Unwanted Object Removed

Professionally edited photos can bring your product into eye focus, which is a successful idea to increase sales. It helps to highlight the details of your product photos to customers. Our skilled team can remove unnecessary objects from the background and make your product more attractive.

Why do you need a remove background service?

As digital photographers, we rely heavily on our product photos to promote our work and gain exposure. However, what if your background remove from the image and still included your used product? Taking pictures of products can be challenging. It can be difficult to accurately showcase the quality of a product through a photograph.

However, you can quickly solve this issue with a product photo background cut-out service. In addition, this service offers professional photos without any products or background elements. Furthermore, after you have taken your photo, you are free to sell or promote your product as you would like.

Undoubtedly, using an image with a white background on online shopping websites is a common practice. Additionally, you may not use your photos in online marketplaces that do not support white background images. Therefore, the best thing to do is to turn to a service that removes and replaces the product photos with no issue.

Elevate Your Images with Seamless Background Editing, All in One Place!

Are you tired of spending hours trying to remove backgrounds from your images? Look no further! Our seamless background editing service removes backgrounds and enhances your images. With our service, you can edit backgrounds, add new drop shadows, and retouch your portraits all in one place.

Clipp Out Line is great for photographers looking to improve their portfolio. Also, perfect for business owners wanting to create eye-catching product images.

Save time struggling with complicated editing software. Elevate your images with our seamless background editing service and see the difference it can make in your photos. Book us today and elevate your photos to a higher standard!

Turn Your Ugly Photos into Extraordinary Masterpieces

Background removal services assist in removing the background from your photo. This allows you to replace it with a transparent background, a solid color, or a new image.

Image cut-out service offers several benefits:

  • E-commerce: Showcase products on online marketplaces with clean white backgrounds, a common requirement for professional product listings.
  • Design & Marketing: Create versatile images for websites, social media, presentations, and other marketing materials.
  • Portrait Photography: Enhance your portraits by removing distracting backgrounds or replacing them with a more suitable setting.

These are professional photo editing techniques used for precise background removal. Clipping paths outline objects using a vector path. Masking is more suitable for detailed selections, such as hair or fur in images.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the image and the volume of edits. We offer competitive rates and bulk discounts for larger projects.

By default, you’ll receive your images with a transparent background (PNG format). However, we can also deliver them in JPEG format with a specific background color upon request.

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